Top Dating Sites That You Should Give A Try In 2017

Discover Online Dating and Meet Your Knight in Shining Armor

Online dating has become perfectly acceptable, and in some cases almost expected. It’s understandable given our level of comfort with technology and our busy schedules. Most people have at least some experience with online dating, and perhaps you’ve even put up a profile but didn’t quite get the results promised in the advertising. If this is the case for you, and you gave up on online dating, it may be time to give it one more shot at helping you find the perfect partner. There are so many online dating sites now that you might need help deciding which one to try. To help you out, here is a list of the best dating sites. is by far the most popular dating site in the United States. It pioneered online dating when it first appeared on the internet in 1995. It has the largest paid subscriber base of any of the dating sites, and a stellar success rate. Its in-depth questionnaire has made it possible to find matches that closely align with a number of key areas, enabling it to have helped more singles find long-term relationships than any other site. The best part: If you don’t find your special connection in the first six months, you’ll be given the second six months for free! You can sign-up from here: to get 6 months free offer.

Another great site is Elite Singles. What sets this site off from the others is its focus on pairing up busy professionals with their special connections. It is geared toward those people that want to have a serious relationship, but don’t have time to weed through all sorts of relationships to find one. The clientele leans more heavily on the female side, 57% to 43%, making it a great place for men to find someone. One of the key features of this site is the fraud protection that they use to virtually guarantee no-nonsense dating.

Mature singles will love The site is geared toward mature singles 50 and over, who either want some casual dating for some fun times or are serious about finding a lasting partner to spend the remainder of their golden years with. The ratio is fairly evenly split, 48% male 52% female, so the competition is not so stiff. It’s become very popular and already boasts over 1.4 million members. Some of its great features include profile options that include videos, photos, audio, and personal greetings, the ability to chat with potential matches live, and dating experts on hand to help you ease back into the dating scene.

Turning to the web makes it possible to meet potential partners that you might never otherwise have run into. It’s no longer necessary to spend weekend after weekend at the nearest singles club hoping to meet someone that you have shared interests with. Searching through profiles at home is not only convenient, but it can also be quite fun. The preponderance of dating websites now available makes it incredibly easy to network with other people that share common interests, and maybe even find your knight in shining armor.

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Five Fun Date Ideas

When going on a date, it is important to make it fun. You want it to be a bit casual yet not overly spontaneous. It is important to make some time for talking a bit as well as for just enjoying each other’s presence. Do not be afraid to take a risk; the rewards could be amazing. This does not mean that you have to go way out of your comfort zone or over complicate the date; it simply means to be creative and make it a fun time that she will not forget.

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Here are five ideas of fun things to do on a date:

1. A Walk through the Park

This may sound simple or mundane to you; however, it can be a great way to really connect as well as to have fun. There are opportunities to people watch, hop on a swing and even feed the ducks, grab some hot dogs or pretzels to eat and enjoy a delicious ice cream. This is a great opportunity to really let your personality shine through and show her how fun you are.

2. Museum Date

This one can be loads of fun, especially if you do your homework ahead of time and can provide your date with information on some of the hottest exhibitions in the museum. Take your date into consideration, what are her interests? Based on that choose a museum that is geared towards that subject and really show her you care about what she is interested in.

3. Cooking Class

The great thing about going to a cooking class with your date is that you are offered abandoning experience that can be amusing yet sensuous all at once. Just make sure that if your date has any dietary restrictions, you choose a class that will adhere to them, this will show her you really pay attention to her life and want to learn more together.

4. Just Dance

Yes, any kind of physical movement can be tedious if you are not naturally coordinated. That being said, if you can set your pride aside, this will provide a great opportunity to have fun waltzing, boogieing or doing the tango all night long with your lady. Just make sure that your date does enjoy dancing, or at least trying to dance before you choose this fun date option.

5. Skydiving

If you have a date that is particularly adventurous, this one is a no-brainer. Challenging yourselves while on a date and feeling that amazing adrenaline rush together, can really take your relationships to the next level. Nothing can bring two people closer together than that slight fear associated with this death-defying activity.

These are just five of the many creative and fun loving date ideas that are out there. Remember to really take your date into consideration before choosing one because what may seem like fun to you, may not be fun for her.

Enjoying Fun Activities In Orlando

There’s no denying that Florida attracts more than its fair share of tourists and it’s not hard to see why. It’s not just Miami and Tampa that get the attention. Orlando is a city that more than holds its own with a variety of different shows, venues, attractions, and activities that makes this little (by Florida standards) city a place that truly offers a little bit of something fun for everyone.

Walt Disney World Resort

There’s no reason to dance around the obvious one. The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and the power of Mickey Mouse and Disney is undeniable. Disney isn’t just for children, but there are attractions for fans of all ages, and this is also the location of the world famous Epcot Center. You can’t mention Orlando without the entire array of incredible shows, stores, and everything that a trip to Disney World has to offer.

The Kennedy Space Center

Who doesn’t love learning more about space and space travel? There’s a reason it’s called the final frontier, and the Kennedy Space Center offers a wide variety of interactive activities, tours, and a lot of fun packed into even a small part of the day. This is a must stop for anyone who ever grew up wanting to be an astronaut or is simply fascinated by space.

Lake Eola Park

Florida doesn’t get much more beautiful than Lake Eola Park. There are clear walking trails around the lake, a dedication to quality outdoor art, swan boats for rent, and even several great places to stop and eat where you can look right off the deck and out onto the lake. Whether you’re looking for relaxing or romantic, you can find the right tone around one of the best parks in the entire state of Florida.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Who doesn’t like Shakespeare? The local troupe offers outstanding shows that really bring Shakespeare to life in a way you have rarely seen it before. This is a fantastic add-on to any Orlando experience, and if you’re a fan of culture and the arts, it is a stop you don’t want to miss.

The Famous Orlando Eye

This giant Ferris wheel not only gives you an incredible view of the city of Orlando from 400 feet up in the air, but you are in a large glass enclosure that gives a 360-degree view all around you. This allows you to see the city from the point of view that you’re just never going to get on the ground and it is really stunning on clear days that let you see for miles and miles.

Orlando has a lot to offer. While most known for their many theme parks with Disney at the head of it all, the truth is that this city has so much more to offer locals and visitors alike! Whether you like a quiet day of pleasant discoveries or a heavy activity based schedule jumping from one sight to another, you can find it in Orlando.